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The proud owner of multiple official 780s on the GMAT, Matt Douglas, GMAT Compass’ newest addition, comes to us after a ten-year stint as a GMAT instructor at one of the “big” test prep companies, where he was named GMAT Instructor of the Year in 2010 (yes, he’s been teaching the GMAT for that long!). A decade as a crack GMAT operative may not have been the most swashbuckling way to spend his 20s, but Matt’s loss is your gain: having taught standardized tests for more than 12,000 hours to more than 3,000 people, Matt’s familiarity with the exam is approaching PhD-level mastery, as evidenced by his extensive posts on Beat the GMAT and stellar reviews from former students.

Expert at teaching both the GMAT Quant and Verbal sections (Matt achieved 99th percentile scores in each), Matt prides himself on his ability to convey the material in way that is both accessible and rewarding to the student. His thousands of hours of tutoring experience have shown him that the best path for any student aiming for a strong GMAT score requires not just hard work but instruction tailored in a way that maximizes the rewards of this hard work, and Matt is able to use his extensive experience to make sure that the tutoring is both customized and efficient for all his clients. At the same time, and maybe equally importantly, Matt is a relatable, humane teacher who understands the importance of a conducive learning environment and who makes sure to cultivate such an environment with all his students. He finds that the most rewarding aspect of his career has been meeting so many motivated, interesting people, and he does his best to return the favor by making topics such as prime factorization and quadratic equations as thrilling as they can be.

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