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How We Help

At the heart of my tutoring is the belief that the coupling of a GMAT expert and motivated student can help test-takers of all levels achieve their GMAT goals. My goal as your tutor is to use the expertise I’ve accrued through writing and editing thousands of questions to help delve beyond superficial shortcuts and make the logic of the exam crystal-clear.


Since the whole point of private tutoring is to provide you with instruction tailored to your needs, there’s no one-size-fits-all curriculum that I use with my students. If you’re new to the GMAT, then, after an initial assessment, we’ll start out by ensuring that your conceptual and methodological foundations are solid. The tutoring will then become increasingly individualized as we adapt the curriculum to your test-prep needs. If, on the other hand, you’ve already done some prep, the nature of the tutoring will ultimately be dictated by the concepts and question-types that are troubling you most.

And to ensure that the tutoring is fully tailored to you, I provide all students with my proprietary database of over 900 previously-administered GMAT questions, all categorized by concept and level of difficulty. This invaluable resource (available through no other test preparation companies) provides all students with the opportunity to do targeted practice drills that target their specific strengths and weaknesses.


Most major test-prep companies like to convince students that memorizing a few rules and learning a few tricks will ensure success on test day. Unfortunately, the content on the exam is far too subtle for this type of cookie-cutter approach to be effective. The fact of the matter is that success on the GMAT doesn’t come from backsolving or plugging in numbers. It comes from thorough grounding in the content of the exam.

So, instead of focusing on bogus shortcuts that produce dubious results, the tutoring takes a foundational approach. Using officially-published GMAT questions as our guide, we work to ensure that your knowledge of the basic mathematical, grammatical, and analytical concepts appearing on the exam is solid. Of course, we also look at strategies for dealing with various situations you’ll encounter on the exam, but experience has shown that these strategies prove effective only after students have a fine-tuned understanding of the exam’s content.


My tutoring focuses on quality over quantity. I regularly re-take the GMAT to stay up-to-date on changes to the test, and I use this knowledge to maximize the efficiency of our sessions. So instead of exposing you to every arcane rule of number theory or minor grammatical quirks that show up once every other test, I focus on showing you how to apply the lessons of our sessions to a variety of situations that the test makers will throw at you. This approach not only maximizes the effectiveness of our tutoring sessions but also helps you gain more insight into the nature of the concepts being tested.


Weekday tutoring sessions are held at my office in Midtown Manhattan, and weekend tutoring sessions are held at my apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All online tutoring is conducted through Skype. General tutoring hours are Sunday – Thursday, 10 AM – 10 PM. I generally recommend 2 hours per session, though exceptions can be made in extreme cases. Payments for sessions can be made through cash, check, credit card, and PayPal. For information on rates and availability or to set up a free consultation, please contact me at: or at (917) 975-0749.

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