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Erfun Geula

Erfun is a professional GMAT tutor based in Manhattan, with over 12 years and 12,000 hours of standardized test tutoring experience. He has been a full-time GMAT tutor for the past nine years, but his experiences since graduating from Yale have all, one way or another, revolved around standardized tests.

Before focusing his efforts on GMAT tutoring, he worked in New York full-time as GMAT Content Developer and Instructor for a major test-prep company, where he wrote, edited, and explained hundreds of practice GMAT questions. His immersion in the process of question-construction gave him first-hand insight into the tricks that the test-makers develop and the crafty ways they manipulate seemingly simple concepts into complex puzzles. Additionally, Erfun is sole author of McGraw Hill’s Preparation for the GRE, 2017 Edition, a 500-page, comprehensive guide available on Amazon and at all major book stores.

As a bona fide GMAT geek, Erfun is one of the few people in the world who can boast of having scored in the 99th-percentile (760+) on all four of his GMAT attempts, including a perfect Quantitative score of 51 and a Verbal score of 48 (99.5th percentile). He now uses his substantial expertise in the GMAT to help students see past superficial tricks and shortcuts and understand the logic of the exam. He has helped students gain admission to some of the nation’s top business schools, including HBS, Columbia, Stern, Wharton, Stanford, and Sloan. And he’s one of the most consistently well-rated GMAT tutors in the world, as evidenced by the numerous 5-star testimonials of his services.

GMAT Tutor in NYC & Online

  • Full-time New York GMAT tutor, with over 15 years and 15,000 hours of tutoring experience.
  • Scored in the 99th-percentile (760+) five different times on the GMAT Score Report
  • Wrote and edited hundreds of practice GMAT questions full-time for major test prep company
  • Yale graduate with Distinction
  • Published 600-page test prep book for McGraw Hill
  • Interviewed by US News for expert perspective on the GMAT & GRE
  • Hundreds of GMAT tutoring students successfully admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Wharton, HBS, etc.
  • Excellent references: click here or here or here

The GMAT Compass Advantage


We work with a lot of New York GMAT clients who are busy professionals seeking to make the most out of their precious study time, so Erfun has used his years of experience to develop a proprietary system that includes homework assignments for every day of your preparation, a detailed error log tracking every mistake and providing real-time data on your strengths and weaknesses, and access to a suite of thousands of GMAT questions unavailable through other GMAT tutor or company.

Independent & Versatile

As an independent GMAT tutor, Erfun is unconstrained by the materials and methodologies of any one test-prep company. Instead of teaching you the gimmicks espoused by a certain test prep company, he adapts the curriculum and teaching style to your needs, with a core emphasis on developing and refining the fundamental reasoning skills that the GMAT measures.

Best Materials

Over the past 15 years, Erfun has pored through all of the materials available to develop a best-in-industry suite of thousands of practice questions structured by topic and level of difficulty. He uses only official GMAT questions and is able to customize the homework to ensure that it meets your specific needs. If you need brushing up on the basics, he has that covered. Or if you’re aiming for 730+ and don’t know where to find more materials, he has hundreds of difficult questions that will help you shore up your weaknesses.

Only 1:1 Tutoring

The big companies (Kaplan, Manhattan Prep, etc.) train their instructors to teach large classrooms of 20+ students. In contrast, Erfun works exclusively as a one-on-one GMAT tutor. He’s spent the past 15 years refining his methodologies and curriculum to ensure that every GMAT tutoring program is customized to the clients’ specific needs. Take a look at our case studies to see the level of depth Erfun goes into to ensure that the program is customized for you and your situation.

FAQs about GMAT Tutoring

This is an essential question to ask yourself before you spend thousands of dollars on a GMAT tutor. Generally, GMAT tutoring is most beneficial for students who:

  • Need to maximize the return on their study time. If you’re in a time-crunch with applications around the corner, or if you have a demanding job that limits your available study time, then hiring a GMAT tutor would probably be a good decision for you.
  • Benefit from structure and accountability. The amount of GMAT resources out there can be overwhelming. Hiring a good GMAT tutor will save you the headache of separating the good from the bad and will let you spend that precious time doing targeted, effective studying. A good GMAT tutor will structure your preparation to ensure that you have both an overall study plan governing your preparation and a structured homework plan for each week (and, ideally, each day!) of your preparation.
  • Are aiming for 730+. The dirty secret of most GMAT prep courses is that they target the median student. Because of this, the difficulty level of the classes and homework assignments rarely exceeds the 700-level. Working with a GMAT tutor who themselves have scored in the 99th-percentile and who have a documented track record of helping students achieve similar success is a high-probability way to position yourself to achieve a stellar score. 

Probably. About half of our clients come to us having already taken the exam, so we’re intimately familiar with the pitfalls that re-takers sometimes confront and the shortcomings of the courses and other study materials that they used in their prior preparation. Indeed, we pride ourselves on getting into the minds of our students and truly examining what has been holding them back. Over the years, we’ve worked with students who have taken the exam numerous times and felt that the GMAT was an impossible feat, but we’ve usually been able to identify concrete issues in their strategies— be it conceptual, time management, or reasoning-related— that helped make what they thought was impossible into a reality.

We’ve developed a best-in-industry suite of official materials that we’re able to tailor to the individual needs of all of our clients. If you hire us as your GMAT tutor, you’ll get:

  • Over 5,000 official GMAT questions customized by topic and level of difficulty
  • Access to over 70 GMAT videos made by our head tutor, Erfun Geula
  • A detailed, streamlined error log that will help you easily track and review your performance across your preparation
  • Day-by-day homework assignments pointing you to important official GMAT questions that reinforce what we cover at our lessons
  • “Refresher” PDFs covering all the major rules and formulas you need to know for the exam
  • For online sessions, we give GMAT tutoring students the ability to record our sessions for review later in the day

Yup. We meet most of our students online (even our New York City GMAT clients) and we’ve developed our system to work best for online tutoring. We have all necessary resources in PDF form, and we show our math on an online whiteboard that you can view in real-time through the Zoom platform. Better yet, online tutoring gives you the opportunity to screenshot questions we do together for later review and to record our meetings (this is something many companies don’t do, but we know how beneficial this is for our clients and are happy to do what we need to help them maximize their scores!).

GMAT Video Series

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Ace the GMAT

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Ace the GMAT

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